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Vitamin C Spray

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Vitamin C Spray: Optimal Health in Every Spray

Discover the revolutionary Vitamin C Spray from XXL Nutrition, your solution for meeting daily vitamin C needs effortlessly in Malta. This innovative spray delivers a precise dose of Vitamin C with a simple press, infusing your day with wellness without the inconvenience of pills.

Effortless Daily Vitamin C Intake

With our Vitamin C Spray, achieving your daily vitamin C intake has never been easier. Each spray provides 20 mg of high-quality vitamin C derived from rosehip extract, known for its superior concentration of this essential nutrient. This method offers a significant advantage, supplying 25% of your daily intake requirements in just one spray, making it an ideal choice for busy lifestyles.

The Power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse nutrient with a spectrum of benefits essential for maintaining a healthy body:

  • Collagen Production: Vitamin C is vital for the formation of collagen, which benefits the blood vessels and supports skin, teeth, and gums health.
  • Energy Boost: It aids in converting food into energy, enhancing your metabolism and overall vitality.
  • Immune Defense: Regular intake helps bolster the immune system, particularly important during and after physical exertion.
  • Iron Absorption: Vitamin C improves the body’s ability to absorb iron from plant-based foods, enhancing overall blood health.
  • Reduction of Tiredness: It fights fatigue by helping the body regenerate the reduced form of vitamin E, maintaining your energy levels.

Natural Ingredients for a Refreshing Experience

Our Vitamin C Spray isn't just effective; it's also enjoyable to use. The zesty lemon flavor, derived from natural sources, ensures each dose is as pleasant as it is beneficial. Plus, the rosehip extract not only provides vitamin C but also includes antioxidants that further support immune health and skin vitality.

Extensive Vitamin Assortment at XXL Malta

Explore our full range of essential vitamins at XXL Malta's Vitamin Collection. Our extensive assortment caters to various health needs, ensuring you can find the perfect supplement to complement your Vitamin C intake and enhance your overall wellness strategy.

Usage Guidelines

For best results, administer 1 to 5 sprays of Vitamin C directly into the mouth each day, tailored to your personal health requirements and lifestyle demands.

For more information or to make a purchase, please contact us anytime on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp: +356 9907 1906. Shipping times are 3-5 working days. While we may not be the quickest, this approach ensures the lowest prices for the best possible quality on the island.

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