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Delivering High-Quality Supplements at Competitive Prices Through Efficient Shipping


XXL Nutrition Malta stands as the exclusive distributor of premium sports nutrition in Malta. By combining high-quality supplements from the Netherlands with efficient local distribution, we cater to those committed to achieving their health and fitness goals. Our partnership with DHL Express enhances our ability to offer unparalleled quality at competitive prices.

Why Our Prices Are So Competitive

One key factor that allows XXL Nutrition Malta to provide high-quality supplements at lower prices is our highly efficient shipping arrangement with DHL Express. This partnership enables us to ship products directly to customers within 3-6 working days. The speed and reliability of DHL Express not only reduce overhead costs associated with storage and long-term inventory but also ensure that our products are as fresh and effective as possible. This efficiency translates into lower prices for our customers without compromising on quality.

Exceptional Product Range

XXL Nutrition Malta's extensive product line includes advanced protein blends, scientifically formulated pre-workouts, and targeted fat burners and muscle gain supplements. Our offerings, such as Whey Isolate and Creatine Monohydrate, are designed to support rapid muscle recovery and intense growth, making them ideal for both amateur and professional athletes.

Transparent and Trustworthy Business Practices

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in all our business dealings. XXL Nutrition Malta offers open pricing policies and clear terms, creating trust and lasting relationships with both retail partners and individual consumers. Our transparent approach ensures that every customer understands what they are paying for and receives genuine value.

Supporting Holistic Health

In addition to performance supplements, XXL Nutrition Malta provides essential vitamins and nutrients, like Omega-3 capsules and Multivitamin Complexes, that promote overall health and well-being. Our low-calorie meal replacements also offer a practical and nutritious solution to maintain a healthy weight, supporting long-term health goals.


Choose XXL Nutrition Malta for your fitness and health supplement needs. Our strategic partnership with DHL Express allows us to deliver exceptional quality at some of the most competitive prices in the market. Whether you aim to enhance muscle growth, lose weight, or improve general health, our products will support your journey towards achieving peak physical condition. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help transform your health and fitness regimen.