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Pre and Post Workout Combi

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Maximize Your Performance and Recovery with XXL Nutrition Malta's Premier Supplements

XXL Nutrition Malta offers two exceptional products that synergize to enhance both your pre-workout energy and post-workout recovery. The combination of Blast! Pre Workout and Muscle Grow ensures you achieve maximum performance during your workouts and optimal recovery afterward, making this duo ideal for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Malta.

Blast! Pre Workout 300gram

Energize your training sessions with Blast! Pre Workout from XXL Nutrition Malta. This powerful formula is designed to elevate your energy levels and enhance your training intensity without the risk of side effects associated with some pre-workouts. Here’s what makes Blast! Pre Workout a game-changer:

  • Key Ingredients: Contains citrulline malate, beta-alanine, taurine, and 110 mg of caffeine to deliver a robust and effective pre-workout boost.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any sport or training session, ensuring you perform at your best without added creatine, allowing for personalized supplementation plans.
  • Cost-Effective: At only €0.83 per serving, it combines affordability with efficacy, offering 30 doses per jar in multiple refreshing flavors like Cherry, Citrus Burst, and Green Apple.

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Muscle Grow 2000gram

After pushing your limits with Blast! Pre Workout, it's crucial to support your muscles with proper nutrition. Muscle Grow is designed to complement your explosive energy with essential nutrients needed for muscle repair and growth. Benefits include:

  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Includes whey protein isolate to facilitate quick muscle recovery.
  • Essential Nutrients: Packed with BCAAs and creatine to support muscle recovery and enhance growth efficiently.
  • Flavor Options: Available in delicious flavors like exotic fruits and green apple, making your post-workout nutrition both effective and enjoyable.

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Synergistic Benefits

When used in conjunction, Blast! Pre Workout and Muscle Grow provide comprehensive support for your fitness journey:

  • Enhanced Training and Recovery Cycle: The combination ensures that you not only have the energy and endurance to power through intense workouts but also the nutritional support to recover and grow stronger.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular use of both supplements can lead to improved performance, faster recovery times, and significant muscle gains, all supported by high-quality ingredients tailored for athletes.

For more information or to make a purchase, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp at +356 9907 1906. We offer shipping within 3-5 working days. While our delivery might take a bit longer, we ensure you receive only the highest quality products at the best prices on the island.

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