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Multivitamin and Minerals Effervescent Tablets

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Refresh Your Nutrition with XXL Nutrition Malta's Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablets

Experience the convenience and great taste of XXL Nutrition Malta's Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablets. Each effervescent tablet delivers a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, making it a delicious and easy way to meet your daily nutritional needs. The orange-flavored effervescent tablet ensures you get 100% of the recommended daily allowances of key vitamins and minerals in just one fizzy drink.

Optimal Nutrition in a Fizz

Designed for those who lead active lives and require a balanced nutritional intake, our Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablets are perfect for athletes and anyone looking to support their health. The effervescent format not only makes it enjoyable to take your vitamins but also ensures faster absorption.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Vitamin Coverage: Each tablet contains 100% of your daily needs for vitamins like E, C, and B12, along with harder-to-obtain nutrients such as folic acid, biotin, and niacin.
  • Mineral Support: Essential minerals such as magnesium are included for their crucial roles in muscle function and protein synthesis, supporting your physical activities and recovery.
  • Delicious Orange Flavor: Forget about swallowing pills; enjoy a tasty orange drink instead, making your vitamin routine something to look forward to.


Simply dissolve one Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablet in 150 ml of your chosen beverage and drink it once a day, preferably with a meal. This not only makes it easier to incorporate into your daily routine but also helps with absorption during food intake.

Ideal for Active Lifestyles

Whether you're an athlete looking for extra nutritional support or simply someone who wants to ensure a balanced diet, Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablets are an excellent addition to your daily regimen. The quick-dissolve formula is especially beneficial for those who dislike swallowing pills and prefer a more enjoyable way to take supplements.

For those specifically looking for Vitamin C support, check out our Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets for another refreshing way to boost your immune system and overall health.

Remember, while Multivitamin & Minerals Effervescent Tablets provide significant nutritional benefits, they should not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It's a supplement that enhances your daily nutrient intake, ensuring you're at your best every day.

For more detailed information or to make a purchase, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp at +356 9907 1906. We offer shipping within 3-5 working days. While our delivery might take a bit longer, we ensure you receive the best quality at the lowest prices on the island.

Take your Multivitamin and Minerals in Malta with easy Effervescent Tablets to improve your health and immune system

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